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Save Anatomy_Awards !!!!! 
19th-Jul-2007 09:04 pm

Hey guys, I went to Anatomy Awards and they're saying it'll have to be shut down if we don't participate more so please go visit and nominate your favorite icons. It would be sad to see it go :(

These are the categories

Hard Day's Night - Best use of color:
Break on Through - Best actor or actress icon:
Shake Your Groove Thing – Best animated icon:
Something to Talk About - Best use of a quote/song lyric/any type of text:
Who's Zoomin' Who - Best ship/couple icon:
Much too much - Best group icon (featuring at least three people):
Owner of a lonely heart – Best icon featuring only one person:
The Self-Destruct Button - Best Intern Icon:
Winning a Battle Losing the War – Best icon featuring anybody but the interns (no Meredith, Christina, George, Izzie or Alex):
Let it Be - Best base/textless icon:
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - Best funny icon:
Into You Like A Train - Best use of cropping:
What Have I Done to Deserve This - Best emotional icon:
Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head - Special Category:

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head - Special Category is...
Season 3 couples (any icons featuring couples from season 3)
Kate/Eric hottness
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